Photo 1


BOX TICKED: Shaun* in his workplace a day after he voted at Parkhurst. Photo: Sisa Canca

Photo 2


A word or two: Coach talks to his players during a short break in match-day one of Lady Buck Tournament. Photo: Sisa Canca


Photo 3


Attendees of the discussion leave the venue after the debate went out of control due to interruptions by some members.  Photo: Sisa Canca

Photo 4


A group of youngsters under the care of Malaika Orphanage in Hillbrow in the music room ahead of a musical session with mentors.  Photo: Sisa Canca

Photo 5


The start of the 21,2 kilometer half marathon (the first of three races for this year’s Diepkloof Half-Marathon and 10k run) at Nike Football Training Center, Soweto. Photo: Sisa Canca

Photo 6


Zimasile Tobo, a security officer and athletics coach giving instructions to his pupils during one of their training sessions at Wits Education Campus.  Photo: Sisa Canca.


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